Radio Team Members

When it comes to Emergency Communications, CERT Teams rely on two related radio systems. For internal communication between team members, CERT teams use the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS). Between the CERT Incident Command Post and the Emergency Operations Center, CERT uses the  Amateur Radio Service (ARS). Both of these services require operators to be licensed by the FCC.

Echo Lake CERT works closely with the Lost Echo Hams Radio Club which can be found at

Neighbors in the Lost Echo Hams Radio Club who are FCC-Licensed  Armature Radio Operators:

William Swearingen KV2 B 

Dick Williams W7 DNJ 

Germaine Fitzgerald K7 GFA 

Linnea Evans KJ7 HNI 

Rick Pierce KJ7 HNO 

Jill Williams WI7 JIL 

Jim Trott K7 JRT 

Holly Urness KJ7 KIU 

Marion Douglas K7 MMD 

Michael Ervick WA7 MPE 

John Nesbitt KI7 UBJ 

Tom Smith K7 WXY 

Neighbors who are FCC-licensed GMRS Radio operators:


Marion Douglas WRDR 932Adam

Dick Williams WRXH 242Adam

Jill Williams WRXH 242Baker

Michael Ervick WROJ 485Adam

Kimberley Ames WROJ 485Baker

Emma Ervick WROJ 485Charlie

Evan Ervick WROJ 485David

Sam Ervick WROJ 485Edward