CERT is All About the Systems

Like NIMS, ICS, MACS, JICS – CERT is a System 

Systems are sets of interactive things that develop capabilities to perform a task, function, or achieve a particular goal and contribute to a possible outcome. The things in a system come in three forms: people provide adaptability, processes provide methodology, and technology provides enhanced facilitation.

Capabilities include the skills, resources, knowledge, and attributes that enable the system to effectively and efficiently carry out its intended activities or functions.

Readiness is the state of a capable system (people, process, and technology) to contribute to the fulfillment of a set of desired outcomes: purpose, mission, vision, objectives, and goals.

Preparedness is the process of improving the system's readiness. This includes the knowledge of “what” provided by leaders, “why” provided by education, “how” provided by training, and “when” provided by practice.

For “whatever happens”, all the conditions were present.

Resilience is the capacity to withstand “whatever happens” and recover.