Why Us?

In a catastrophic disaster, the demand for services provided by public safety agencies grows by one (10X) to two (100X) orders of magnitude. Depending on the extent of damage, a normal department staffed with 50 first responders will need 500 to 5,000 volunteer elements of trained emergency support. 

In reality - after a major earthquake, neighbors will be the first responders. The average time for someone to bleed out after experiencing serious physical trauma from an injury is only 3-5 minutes. CERT-trained individuals are experts at assessing a scene and administering aid instantly.

On average 90% of the survivors will be found in the first 72 hours. Half will be rescued by untrained volunteers. Unfortunately, the life of one untrained volunteer is lost for every 8 survivors rescued. With CERT training, more survivors can be found sooner, and the loss of volunteer lives eliminated.

Trained to Organize, Act and Save Lives