CERT Basic Training

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a program that teaches basic disaster response skills that can help you assist your community during disaster situations. 

The training typically consists of 24 hours of instruction including hands-on learning. Some programs provide training one night a week over eight weeks while other programs offer fast-track training that can be completed in one weekend. 

Some CERT teams have active volunteer programs. After completing the training you can choose if you would like to be a volunteer.

Most CERT programs follow this course agenda:

Unit 1: Disaster Preparedness, Local Hazards, Hazard Mitigation

Unit 2: CERT Organization Overview

Unit 3: Disaster Medical Operations, Part 1- Basic First Aid Care

Unit 4: Disaster Medical Operations, Part 2- Mass Casualty Incidents

Unit 5: Disaster Psychology

Unit 6: Fire Safety, Fire Suppression, Utility Controls

Unit 7: Light Search and Rescue Operations

Unit 8: Terrorism

Unit 9: Review, Final Exam and Disaster Simulation