CERT Team Structure

Once we have completed basic training, when disaster strikes, the first life we will need to save - is our own. Then we focus on our loved ones. Then we check on the surrounding neighbors. After that, will depend on your training. 

Not all CERT-trained individuals will volunteer to be part of a team. For those who do, advanced training in teamwork and leadership will boost the readiness and response effectiveness of the team.

A basic CERT task team will have a minimum of 10 members with the same basic training. A disaster-ready CERT task team member will have a Task-Focused Capability Response Buddy (TFCRB)

Task Focus Capability is the primary duty of the buddies. Task Focus Capabilities include: 1) Lead & Safety, 2) Fire & Energy, 3) Search & Rescue, 4) Transport, 5) Triage & Treatment. 

While all team members are trained to participate in every mission task, it is the task that determines which buddy pair leads the effort. 

A robust task team will increase the total number of task team members to 15 to accommodate the situation.  

Multiple CERT teams can merge to form a Task Force or multiple Strike Teams.  Combining all the best firefighting resources into one unit is a Strike Team. Coordinating the efforts of five fully staffed robust CERT teams in a hi-rise apartment building is a Task Force.